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Your donation helps Sun Peaks Stables take care of our horses during the COVID-19 pandemic and Embleton Mountain wildfire.

Wow, what a year it has been! First of all we would like to acknowledge the support we've received from the community and beyond. Thank you to everyone who has visited our stables, gone for a ride, contributed to our gofundme and directly, purchased gift certificates, donated feed for the horses and us humans, the encouragement and everything else that has helped us and the horses get through this last year. It's been a tough one.

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This last year has seen many ups and downs.

It has been mentally and physically exhausting. We were able to safely offer our experiences this last summer and winter, but at a very reduced capacity. We are down 60%. We welcomed the births of two foals, Bonnie and Henry this past June (they are growing like weeds!) and they bring us much joy everyday with their antics. We were very sad to say goodbye to two of our horses Sam and Tootabelle, both who left us far to soon and have left a pretty big hole in our hearts. They are deeply missed by us and their horse friends.

We still need your help.

Your donation helps us take care of our horses during this time. During the pandemic we have been operating on a much smaller scale. We are unable to offer our large group tours and are only able to offer smaller private tours. Travel restrictions have hit us hard as well. We had numerous cancelations from guests who were unable to travel to our region.

More recently we have had to evacuate due to the Embleton Mountain wildfire being too close to us in Sun Peaks. We could use your help while we are shut down and away from home with all our Horses.

Where will your money go?


The most important thing is quality feed for the horses. Their main diet is hay and tons(literally) of it! Some of our horses are seniors or have other health restrictions that require a special diet. Our seniors require soaked alfalfa timothy cubes and special grain for seniors. Berta has some dietary restrictions and can only eat soaked cubes, she eats 44lbs of cubes a day! Feeding our herd costs almost $100 a day.

Regular hoof care

The horses have their feet trimmed or shod every 6 weeks. Berta's shoes cost around $250!

Veterinary care

The horses receive regular vet care throughout the year, vaccinations, dental and regular check ups. Our amazing vets at KLAVC are also on call for emergency care.

Stable maintenance

This is an ongoing cost. Fencing, shelter, footing and bedding are things that are needed on an ongoing basis. Our tractor needs regular maintenance as well.

Ways to support our horses

Donations are non refundable or transferable.
Sun Peaks Stables are not a registered charity so can not provide a tax receipt.

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