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It's time for another update!

Another year has come and gone. This one no easier than the last.

Things were looking up after the snow melted and we started to get ready for our summer operations. Inquiries and bookings were coming in, we started operations slow and steady. Then we were hit with a very unprecedented heat wave. We spent the week making sure the horses were hydrated and giving them cold mist showers. Most of the horses did very well through the heat wave, Kitty our very senior Percheron mare had the hardest time but did well with soupy alfalfa cube mashes. Obviously we had to close during this time, even early morning rides would have been too hot for the horses. With the extreme heat came some very impressive thunder storms, unfortunately with them came the lightning which started many fires throughout the southern interior. One of which was on Embleton Mountain near Sun Peaks Resort. With Sun Peaks on evacuation alert we decided it was best to move our horses to a safer location. We only have a 3 horse trailer and if Sun Peaks went on evacuation order we might become separated from our horses in a dangerous situation. The lovely folks down at Tod Mountain Thoroughbreds graciously put us up for 2 weeks while we waited for it to be safe to return home. 11 horses, 4 dogs and 2 humans! We can't thank them enough.

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Once we returned home we were faced with a quieter than normal summer, people were discouraged to travel to the interior and the smoke was very thick at times. It was very hard to operate with the unpredictable weather, we had to cancel many days because of either strong winds or heavy smoke. Then the rains came. Washing out the only routes from the lower mainland to the interior, cutting us off from the travelers who have been our main source of income during the pandemic. This forced people to cancel their plans for Christmas, the sleigh ride cancellations came flooding in. To top off our usually busy Christmas season we were hit with a cold snap. The horses didn't seem to mind but I learnt very quickly that I can not drive a team when its -25c or below. Also it doesn't matter how many warm layers you have on even under warm blankets, going for a sleigh ride when it is this cold is not very fun. So more cancellations. We rely so heavily on the Christmas season to make the money that we need to care for the horses for the year. The rest of the winter was quiet and we didn't get much snow.

That brings us to now. The good news is after being homeless for just over a year we found a rental, one where we can live with the dogs and it also has room for some of the horses. All of the horses are here now enjoying a vacation while we wait for the snow to melt and gear up for our summer operations. We will post some pictures on our Facebook page soon so you can see them enjoying their time off.

Your donation helps Sun Peaks Stables care for the horses in these uncertain times

It is very hard to ask for donations when so many people have lost so much to fires, floods, covid and not to mention what the people of Ukraine are going through. We still need help with the day to day expenses of feeding and caring for the horses. But we also need help with paying our hay supplier and our vet bills. Both Berta and Henry will need vet visits soon. Henry will need to be gelded and Berta needs to have a growth removed from her eyelid if its even possible.

Robert is currently attending TRU in the welding foundations program to further expand his career. I will be working as much as I can at my other job to help with expenses.

Where will your money go?


The most important thing is quality feed for the horses. Their main diet is hay and tons(literally) of it! Some of our horses are seniors or have other health restrictions that require a special diet. Our seniors require soaked alfalfa timothy cubes and special grain for seniors. Berta has some dietary restrictions and can only eat soaked cubes, she eats 44lbs of cubes a day! Feeding our herd costs almost $100 a day.

Regular hoof care

The horses have their feet trimmed or shod every 6 weeks. Berta's shoes cost around $250!

Veterinary care

The horses receive regular vet care throughout the year, vaccinations, dental and regular check ups. Our amazing vets at KLAVC are also on call for emergency care.

Stable maintenance

This is an ongoing cost. Fencing, shelter, footing and bedding are things that are needed on an ongoing basis. Our tractor needs regular maintenance as well.

Ways to support our horses

Donations are non refundable or transferable.
Sun Peaks Stables are not a registered charity so can not provide a tax receipt.

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